Valuable Rocks in Your Backyard

The rubble and rocks in your backyard that you dismiss as ordinary might be far from it. There could be valuable rocks in your backyard. It’s just a matter of knowing what’s there because many people don’t realize they’re walking on valuable rocks.

Keep reading this article to find out the rocks that might be in your backyard and how you can locate them. 

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How to find Geodes in your backyard? 

Go to your backyard and try to find a round or egg-shaped rock with a bumpy surface texture to identify geodes. Make sure the geode is lighter than other rocks or the same size. You can use a hammer or a chisel to crack the geode on the spot by wrapping it in a sock. Alternatively, you can use a saw or hire someone to do it. 

Valuable Rocks you can find in your backyard: 

You might not find diamonds in your backyard, but you can find various rocks that are equally valuable; here is a list of valuable rocks and minerals, along with rough pictures of valuable rocks. 

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Using the proper technique, you might find quartz in your backyard, the most common gem in backyards. The stone is comparatively inexpensive but helpful in making jewelry and shaping sculptures. 


One of the world’s most delicate and captivating rocks is opal. Its distinctive shimmering color makes it ideal for jewelry applications. 


Due to its rarity, garnet is one of the most expensive rocks. It is renowned for its high level of dependability. Harmony, profound fellowship, and well-being are all associated with it. 

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Peridot is a gemstone found in natural shades of lime or light green. Additionally, the Peridot is regarded as a symbol of genuine love.


The extraordinary appearance of tourmaline resembles that of a cat’s eye when illuminated. The price of this rock is determined by its size and color.

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Topaz is another well-liked gem that could be found in your backyard; it comes in various colors and a solid form. 

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Jade is the most valuable rock in three colors, purple-green and white. Our ancestors used Jade to make sculptures, jewelry, and tools. This gem can easily be located in your backyard in Washington or California. 

What equipment do you need to find valuable rocks?

Are you looking to find rocks that are worth money? Then, these are the equipment you will require. 


Carrying the rocks is made easier with the help of a bucket. Additionally, it assists in transporting soil. 


A pickaxe comes in handy in removing dirt from the rock while extracting these gems. 


A shovel helps in removing dirt from the earth. When digging into the surface is also helpful for eliminating extra soil. 


Tweezers come in handy when valuable rocks might disintegrate into specks so tiny that you can’t pick them with your bare hands. 


While extracting valuable rocks in your backyard can be used to remove debris. 

Where to find crystals in your backyard:

Once you have gathered your equipment, it’s time to start digging. Crystals can be found practically anywhere in your backyard. Crystals can also be found in a rocky area or mixed with gravel in addition to soil.

You can find specific kinds of crystal structures depending on where you live. Crystals may not typically be found in some familiar locations, but chances are other interesting rocks may also be there. You can also research which popular crystals are in your area. 


Stumbling on valuable rocks in your backyard could be an incredible moment. These gemstones possess qualities that are beneficial to humanity. When you are looking for these treasures, the most pertinent thing to remember is that you should learn everything you need to know before starting the task and do your thorough research on what tools you need and which gems you might find. This article helped you understand what possible treasures your backyard can possess and how to locate them.


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