Top 10 Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Have you ever felt the TV you mounted on your wall looked too bleak? A Mid-Century modern TV stand might be the accent piece your living room needs. Buying a TV stand may be easy, but buying the right one that is well-priced and brings your room together can be challenging. As a result, we have created a list of the top ten mid-century pieces that fit inside your budget.

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Mid-Century TV Stand Above $1000 Budget:

1- Mid-Century Media Console (80″)

Cost: $1,699

Buy:  West Elm

Getting this gorgeous piece for $1699 is an absolute fair trade. This West Elm mid-century TV stand is constructed of sustainable materials. If the better quality build is what you desire, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else at such a price. 

It can work well in light and dark rooms and has ample storage space. 

2- Nilsson from Rove Concepts

Cost:  $1,749

Buy: Rove Concepts

Buying the Nilsson TV stand will give your living room a minimalistic look. It is a great TV stand for your living room or can be stored next to your dining table. Even better, it is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Beautiful mid-century Rove Concepts furniture works well in light and dark rooms. 

3- Modern Walnut

Cost: $1,738

Buy: Homary

Are you in search of extra oomph in your living room? Lucky for you, a Modern Walnut TV stand is what you need. This piece has a black and Walnut base with shimmery brass accents that compliments the room very well. 

4- Pedrick Acacia

Cost: $1,299

Buy: All Modern

Most mid-century furniture comes in an Acorn wood finish. However, Pedrick Acacia has a stunning black finish. 

Its sleek design matches dark, bold tastes for a Manhattan comfort living room thanks to its excellent cable management features and high-quality construction. Getting all this for just $1299 is a good deal. 

5- AK2720 Stand

Cost: $3,113

Buy: Danish Design Store

The AK2720 is intense and sure to get consideration. If you are searching for a mid-century household item that hangs out in your home, this is your best decision. 

Worked from fine wood with a tempered steel base, the form quality is almost unparalleled in mid-century furniture. 

Mid-Century Modern TV Console in Average Budget $200-$1000)

1- Maggie Media Console, West Elm

Cost: $399

Buy: West Elm

This Mid-Century modern TV stand is perfect for a cozy den and a typical office area. Or a smaller living area, like an apartment. 

It is constructed from Acacia wood responsibly harvested from forests and produced in a Fair Trade Certified facility. It has solid wood legs and an open shelf. This TV console can hold a TV with a width of up to 48 inches and a weight of 70 pounds. 

2- Gabe 70” TV Stand

Cost: $629

Buy: All Modern

The Gabe stand stands out from most Mid-Century modern TV stands because it has stunning cane doors that slide back and forth to provide storage and a beautiful texture. We are not exaggerating that getting all this for $629 is a steal.

It can be set to store books, vinyl, records, and other items in your Manhattan comfort living room, or it can fit large TV. 

3- Mosaic TV Stand

Cost: $751

Buy: Houzz

Slatted sliding doors in multiple directions make this mid-century piece a unique conversation starter.

With multiple shelving units and excellent cable concealment features, its beautiful solid acacia wood body is compact and convenient for storage. 

4- Carson Carrington 58 Inch

Cost: $377

Buy: Overstock

Suppose you already own great accent pieces of Manhattan comfort furniture and are looking for budget-friendly pieces. In that case, Carson Carrington 58-inch is a perfect choice. It has a tremendously low-profile mid-century console with great storage. 

Try pairing it with an accent chair and a coffee table to bring the entire room together. 

5- Catalan

Cost: $345

Buy: Wayfair

Suppose you are anything like us and prefer a minimalistic yet classic approach. In that case, the Catalan by Mercury row is a must-have for your home. You can get this at $345 should incline more towards buying this piece.

It is suitable for nearly any design style and space because the cabinet door does not have direct handles, while the frame is streamlined. 


An addition of a stellar and budget-friendly Mid-Century TV stand can be the transformation your living room needs. And remember, being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. You can get beautiful yet elegant pieces even under $1000. 

So, spruce up your room with our provided list of TV stands and use these in various ways. 

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