How to Align Garage Door Eye Sensors 

Garage door eyes or safety sensors are vital to your door system. These safety sensors have an electric eye sensor that cuts across the doorway, emitting signals that enable the door to close. The door will remain open if the sensors are misaligned or if one fails to emit or receive the signal.

Let’s explore garage door eye sensors as we learn how to align them step by step to ensure your door works safely and smoothly.

What are Eye Sensors and How Do They Work?

Garage door eye sensors are two light sensors located near the bottom of your door. They ensure your door operates safely by detecting items in the way to prevent damage or accidents.

These sensors come in pairs, one receiving an infrared beam and the other producing it. Once the light from the emitter reaches the receiver, it triggers the door-closing process. Since the light moves in a straight line, obstacles cause the door to stop or retract.

How to Align Garage Door Sensors

The sensors need to communicate for your garage door to operate effectively. Although the best option is to seek professional garage door services, you can align your sensors by following these steps:

Disconnect the Power Supply to Turn the Sensors Off

It’s always advisable to turn off the power in your home’s breaker box and wear protective gloves.

Unfasten the Screws Keeping the Sensors in Place

Turn the screws in the mounting brackets counter-clockwise but don’t remove them. You only need room to move the sensors, so ensure the brackets can slide up and down.

Slide Each Sensor Down

Use your hands to move the sensors downwards as far as possible without removing the screws.

Tie a String from One Sensor to the Other

Cut a string longer than your garage’s width by a few inches and firmly tie the ends to the sensors and mounting brackets.

Make Sure the String Remains at Level

Position a beam level beneath the string to ensure it’s even. If not, adjust the mounting brackets to keep the string straight.

Tighten the Screws

You can tighten the screws once you achieve a level line. Try to move the sensors around to ensure the screws are tight. If they move, use the string again and tighten them.

Reconnect the Power

Once you confirm the sensors are in line, reconnect the power to test them. As long as the level remains straight, your door should work properly.

Is the Garage Door Still not Working?

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