Open Concept Kitchen Island With Columns Are No More an Outdated Version

What do you think, designing a house is more accessible than owning one? If you are interested in designing or not, consider what seems more complicated when it comes to your home. Home designing looks incredible in the imagination but requires much hard work and planning to sort the idea. Everyone loves to design their homes precisely like what they have dreamt of, but ‘how’ is the question. Most people focus more on the design of their rooms and lounges. But the kitchen interior must also co-relate with the house. 

Kitchen designing can make your home look either elite or completely zero; it’s all on you. The open concept kitchens are trendy nowadays, and no doubt they look classy. However, the open-concept kitchen island with columns sometimes creates issues for the interior to adjust the columns in a way that does not disturb the kitchen structure. But no worries, you will enjoy reading when you go further and find the best recommendations for designing your open kitchen.  



The columns in the kitchen cannot be removed as they can disturb the structure of the entire house based on how it is built. Here are some ideas to consider to overcome the issue of creating an open-concept kitchen island with columns. 

  • Fit The Pillar With a Wall. 

If you do not want the pillars in between your kitchen to make a difference, then you can hide them with a wall. Paint the pillar exactly like other walls of your kitchen and coordinate it with the rest of the elements so that it seems part of the kitchen. This is how the in-between pillars will not look like some other part but as part of your kitchen only. 

  • Mirrored Walls Can Help You Make a Statement

Adding mirrors to the columns cannot just fill up the space but will also add elegance to your space. With this idea, the column in the kitchen will look like the same part of the kitchen. This can make your space look more aesthetic and easily cover up your leftover space. 

  • Divide The Kitchen Into Two Halves

If the designed columns disturb your kitchen interior, then you can divide. You can use these columns and divide your kitchen to use one part to prepare the food and another portion behind the wall to serve food. This will make your kitchen look cleaner and well-ordered. 

  • Create A Proper Seating Area 

Usually, the open-concept kitchen requires much space, and kitchen interiors leave a considerable space empty due to the kitchen’s structure. You can make good use of the columns by arranging a seating area on another side for your family to dine in. This can be a good plan for dining and making food side by side rather than arranging your table separately in another place. 


The idea of an open kitchen seems reasonable, but post-support with the kitchen is always required to balance the structure. People often prefer to avoid the support elements being visible in a way that looks odd, but there are several ways to design the post support according to your liking. The support can be placed in the corner of the kitchen along with the counters. The load-bearing wall kitchen island with columns also creates problems sometimes, and post-support pillars can be placed with these walls to complete the entire look. You can also use support pillars as an entrance for the kitchen, which can help specify the kitchen area.


Regarding kitchen interiors, everyone prefers to make the best choice and choose innovative ideas to design their kitchen. Always decide your color combinations first and identify where to adjust those colors. Your cabinets, drawers, and counters should all match the color combination. Some combinations like black and white, cream and brown, and dark green and beige are the color palettes that are famous for providing aesthetics. You can adjust your open-concept kitchen island with columns with the above ideas. Discover different concepts, identify your choice, and make your decision to build one unique yet elegant open kitchen


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