How To Unlock A Door With A Bobby Pin

Imagine you are returning home from a hectic day, but the moment you reach home, you realize that you have locked yourself out of your home. How frustrating it would be when you thought that you could finally relax, but your day kept getting longer. You must have observed that at times like these, your mind stops working because of the stress that overtakes you. 

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In all these situations, the best solution is to be aware of different ways to unlock the door when you don’t have the keys. People are primarily mindful of using bobby pins. But they still wonder how to unlock a door with a bobby pin. So if you learn these tactics, you won’t need to worry.


There are multiple ways to unlock your door with the things you can easily find at home and keep with yourself or in your car. You can use a screwdriver, a knife, a bobby pin, a credit card, or a bump key.

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Unlocking a door is a hassle, and locking yourself out of your apartment or room can be challenging, but bobby pins have made it more accessible. Bobby pins are a very famous and effortless way used to unlock doors. 

Bobby pins are easy to find and can be kept in places such as your car, bags, or wallet, which you can find any time you want. These are very handy and safe to keep. Unlike knives and screwdrivers, they are easy to use. 

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Some of the most frequent questions regarding the use of bobby pins include the following: 

  1. How to Open a Lock Door with a Bobby Pin?

Here is a complete step-by-step guide that you can follow to unlock a door with a bobby pin.

  • First, roll out the wavy and straight part of the bobby pin in such a way that it forms an L shape and an angle of 90°.
  • Then, pull out the rubber tip of a bobby pin and stick it to the upper side of the lock at a distance of 1cm. 
  • To rotate the pin more comfortably, bend the wavy side so that it turns into a handle. This will help you to get a good grip. 
  • Apply some pressure and stick the bent part into the bottom of the door lock. 
  • Start moving the pin anticlockwise until you hear a “click” sound. Keep pushing to uplift all pins inside. 
  • After then, rotate the bobby pin in a clockwise direction, and the door will open easily. 
  1. What Should Safety Precautions Be Followed When Using Bobby Pins?
  • Ensure that the bobby pin does not break easily.
  • For removing the tip of the pin, be very careful if you use a knife or blade. 
  • Before inserting the pin, identify whether your lock opens up in an anticlockwise or clockwise direction.
  • Do not use small-sized bobby pins. Make sure to use large-sized for your ease. 
  1. Can This Procedure Be Used To Open the Cars Lock? 

Probably not. The car’s mechanism is entirely different, and the lock cannot be unlocked with a bobby pin or any other way this easily. It is better to refer to your mechanic if your car gets locked.

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Now that you have learned how to unlock a door with a bobby pin, it might have lowered your concerns about unlocking the doors when you don’t have a spare key. Using bobby pins is one uncomplicated method and will only take a little time to open your doors. You can unlock your doors in minutes and spend the rest of the day peacefully without losing your calm. 


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