Embracing the Fire Pit Lifestyle: How to Create an Outdoor Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard

Fire is absolutely magical, especially when you’re enjoying it at a nice setup around a cool fire pit. 

Special sitting areas and a cookout zone dressed up with fun lighting, there are so many ways people have been dressing up their backyards. When you have a safe space to place a fire pit, you really should consider one.

Now you may be wondering how you can create the “fire pit lifestyle” at your own place. It’s actually pretty easy when you make sure you think through a few things! Listed out below are four things you should work through during your planning stage. Let’s get into it!

Before You Get Started Think About Where You Can Safely Set Up Your Fire Pit

When you’re looking for the perfect spot for your pit, make sure there’s nothing overhead or even close to overhead. Could be trees or even part of your house or another structure. You will also want to make sure there is plenty of space on the sides of your pit. Having concrete, flagstone, or packed dirt with no vegetation should surround it.

Fire Pit Lifestyle is All About Connecting With Friends and Family

So this means you’ll need to set up as many sitting areas as you might need. It’s recommended to have several seats directly surrounding your fire pit for maximum heat and s’more making access. Also consider another spot of two that are a bit further from the flames but still have a direct view of them. Then you get a range of comfort spots to enjoy.

Keep the Food Close So You Don’t Have to Leave Your Ambiance 

Having a grill a safe distance away but still close enough to your fire pit is the most ideal set up when doing a meal fireside. You don’t want to have to run the food and have it get cold. As long as you keep your propane or gas line away from the open flame you’re good to go. Set up a prep table near the grill and a serving table near the fire pit to make it easy.

Think About Where to Place a Power Source for Music and Other Accessories

What’s a fire without some wonderful music to go along with it. Acoustic sessions are great, but having the option to play a music speaker is definitely key. You’ll also want to add some extra lighting around walkways or any place you need a little extra light. By considering where to put a power source, you open up many decorative and functional options. Just be sure it’s waterproof or covered from weather.

The Sanctuary of the At-Home Fire Pit

Friends, family, and loved ones all gathered around the enchantment of the dancing flames. Now you can see how easy it is to create your own unique fire pit lifestyle when you put in a few considerations. Once you have a starlight night with a fire in your own backyard, you’ll be grateful you’ve taken the time to create your own space.


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