Roofs are one of the essential parts of a home exterior and are supposed to be architect suitably. Even though the combinations can be personalized according to the owner’s requirement, brown roof houses are generally preferred. It is unnecessary to go with the same color tone as the majority chose. Everyone has their own opinion and choices and can implement what they find most appropriate. 

Different color tones can be matched to build the house exterior. If you are struggling to identify the perfect combination for your house, then you should stick to this article for not just being able to make the right choice only; instead, you have the chance to explore a lot more about the home exterior that you might not have taken notice of, before. 

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According to roof experts from Noah’s Roofing, brown roofs are preferred by most people as they tend to offer a warm and basic look that seems more artistic than any other color tone. Below is a list of some amazing ideas that would help you know more about house colors for brown roofs and will showcase some modern houses with brown roof photos. Various combinations can be made in contrast with brown. 

Brown Roof Followed By A Beige Theme

One of the finest combinations that turn out to be effective is the combination of light and dark. Painting the exterior with a beige color will go perfectly with dark brown giving it a more pleasing look. 

Brown Roof Followed By White Theme

Generally, most people appreciate white homes and love to build a white house with brown roof, but the pressure to succeed in reaching the desired outcomes is what halts them from stepping ahead. Some people believe that white makes things dull, but white homes bring a real aesthetic feel you might not have imagined. 

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If you like to be fancy and are more into new trends, then choosing a white exterior and a brown roof will be the greatest idea. To add more energy, you can turn the outside area into a mini garden, and you will undoubtedly be able to build the house of your dreams. 

Brown Roofs Followed By Hues Of Grey Theme

Identifying your goals and how you want to design your home is important. Not every style matches every sort of theme. If you are looking for a home that looks more like a farmhouse and mainly the ones seen mostly in those fairy tale movies, then this is the right choice for you to make. 

Painting the outside of your house completely grey with white boundaries will not just suitably match the roof; instead will look lovely. Also, people who love to keep horses around should opt for this theme. Horse riding and the feeling of being on the farm are what I fantasize about this combination. Now let’s move ahead to explore more ways before you start daydreaming about building your fantasy world. 

Brown Roofs Followed By Ivory Theme

To generate a simple yet chic look, Ivory could be an impressive option. Apart from the light and dark combination, this color will help to give more of a natural look that will match the overall space outside the house. 

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Even though Ivory is on a little lighter tone and looks elegant, if you think it will make your house exterior look dull, then you can paint the boundaries the same as that of the roof and add brown doors and stairs to give life to it. Designs can always be customized; you only have to play with colors. 

Brown Roofs Followed By Green Theme

Green is famous for bringing peace and calm. Both modern and vintage styles can be attained with a dark or light green color. To balance the tone, you can use white or grey paints to set the borders of doors, staircases, and windows. Simple light tones always work to set up a fresh environment.

Brown Roofs Followed By Blue Theme

For a soothing and comfy environment, shades of light blue will work perfectly, along with brown roofs. Mixing blue and brown might not sound good, but yes, it makes a subtle combination. Light brown will be the best pick alongside blue, but that’s not compulsory. You can choose dark brown as well for the roof. 


Always consider various ideas and schemes when you plan to develop your home, especially when it comes to color schemes. Choosing the right shade for the house exterior is complex, mainly when the house roof has been specifically chosen. What paint goes with a brown roof? Which color gives off a warm, cozy, rustic, or chic vibe? Modern houses with brown roofs photos are some of the common queries shown and discussed above. 

Identify your style, surrounding, and, specifically, your need. Sum up all the elements together and then see what fits perfectly according to your choice and preferences. 

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