List of Ideas to Cover Well Pump That You Should Check Once

Homes that are regularly reviewed and undergo maintenance frequently appear more inviting and pleasing than those that are not maintained. There cannot be one specific area that requires improvement. Each spot you live in should be taken care of, particularly the larger areas like gardens, outdoor areas, and balconies. 

Talking about outdoor areas, wellheads are normally found in backyards, and no doubt they are essential as they help to supply huge amounts of water together at once. These pumps are also useful for watering plants in gardens and are used to store water that can be taken advantage of later on when required. However, uncovered pumps do not look nice when passing by. Even if someone is visiting, it does not leave a good impression when objects are randomly placed and are not managed properly. 



Here are some of the ideas to cover well pump that are relatively easy to perform and will make your work easier. You may save these ideas for later use. 

  • Cover The Pump By Planting Trees 

If the well pump in your backyard is not so small and cannot be easily covered, the best possible solution is to plant trees around it. You can also place small planters or grow flowers if there is a little space to cover. It depends on the type of pump installed and how much space needs to be concealed. Ensure that enough area is left between the pump and the plants or trees to easily reach the well pump. 

  • Set Up A Fencing Wall 

Another wellhead cover ideas include the building of barrier in the surrounding. Fences are normally used to elevate the look of yards and can be built in different ways. You can choose the simpler ones to keep it basic or the fancier ones to make your space look beautiful. It’s all up to you. 

Various options are available to choose from. Wooden fences, metal fences, aluminum fences, Iron fences, etc. Pick the one that matches well with the exterior of your house and the outer walls to make it more attractive. This way, the pump will not only be hidden, but your backyard will also get a new look. 

  • Create A Small Sitting Area 

This is one of the simplest and uncomplicated ways to hide the pump. The sitting area can be useful to enjoy evening tea and relax at any time of the day in the fresh atmosphere. The table size should be the same or a little bigger than the pump so that it can get covered easily and does not remain visible. You can place a round table or any other style or design according to your preference. 

  • Establish Trelliswork

One of the options to hide the well pump is the use of trellis. This framework can be self-made, and you can get it ready-made. Depending upon the size and type of trellis, they can be customized. It will be more convenient if you get cage ones or a curved trellis. 

Moreover, you can make them different by growing any shrubs around them. You can be innovative, but make sure to leave little space in between so that the pump can be easily accessible for any improvements if required. 

  • Make A Pebble Wall Or Construct An Outer House

If you want to cover the well pump completely and develop that area, then this is the greatest idea you should look forward to. Create a wall in front of the well pump that complements your house exterior. 

You can use rocks, pebbles, or any other stone according to your liking to create a wall. You can then add small pots at the corners of the walls and attach light bulbs on top of the walls to make entirely different corners in the yard. 

If you don’t prefer building a wall, building a small storage house to hide the pump is also an option. You can put the extra house items that are not used frequently and keep them under your bed or on your cupboard. The small house can be painted in contrast to the house’s outer walls or the same as them. 


Apart from asking how to hide a well cover in your yard, people also show their concerns about how to maintain the pumps after they are covered. Note that you can repair or upgrade your pumps like before when these pumps were not covered. Do not cover edge to edge so that it leaves no space. Hide the pump in a way that you can always maintain or repair them whenever it is required. 


Wellheads can be hidden in different ways. Several ideas to cover well pump, discussed above, will be helpful. Keeping it simple or going extra is your choice, but be sure that covering well pumps will not be a struggle now. 


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