How To Clean Cultured Marble That Has Yellowed

Marbles bring shine to a place. People prefer marble on their kitchen countertops or bathrooms, as tiles, wood, and granite are not the most commonly used nowadays. Some people prefer using them over marbles, but most don’t. Like every other product, marbles are also categorized into different types. The common types used by people are natural marble and cultured marble. Both types have their uniqueness and advantages, but identifying the difference between them turns out to be challenging sometimes. If you know what cultured marble is, you can quickly learn the tips and tricks to keep it clean and maintain your place. 

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Cultured marble looks like natural marble but is not realistic. They are manufactured marbles made of extracts of natural marble. They are used to make countertops in the kitchen, vanity tops in the bathroom, or any other place. These marbles are lower in the pocket compared to natural marbles, which is why many people prefer them. They are available in different colors and patterns. Even though cultured marble does not have a high-end finish, you can make them luxurious if you keep them clean. The most common issue with these marbles is that they turn yellow. Yellow marble does not leave a good impression. As much as you focus on keeping your wardrobe clean, your marbles also require cleaning. For that one might question that how to clean cultured marble that has yellowed? Well, it will no longer be a challenging task if you clearly understand how to cleanse it properly. 

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Different products can be used for the cleaning process. Cultured marbles typically require air to remain the same and do not change their color. It will be great if a place where you are using cultured marble has access to air. If the marbles keep getting fresh air, they stay the same length and do not turn yellow quickly. However, these marbles can become dull soon without access to a stand. Below are some ways to clean cultured marble.

  • If you want to clean the kitchen countertops or vanity tops, use some pH sprays and rub them lightly over the marbles with any cloth. Ensure not to be harsh while rubbing, and do not wipe with the tough stuff.
  • To maintain the light of the marble, use some shiners or marble polish to avoid any dullness. 
  • Avoid contact with hot water with the cultured marbles. Especially those marbles used in your bathrooms should be protected from hot water. This can generate scratches on marbles and fades away the shine. 
  • Use strong cleansers such as the ones from Puracy daily for bathroom marbles. Powerful cleansers like these and also those used for natural marbles are acceptable options to work with. 
  • For excessive cleaning, mix any cleanser or bleach with water. Spread the mixture on the marble and let it stay on it for a few minutes. Then wipe out the cleaner altogether to remove all the dirt and dullness of the marble. 


  • The cleansers used for glass cleaning should be avoided. Glass cleansers are mild but constant use on cultured marbles can cause harm. 
  • Do not use Vinegar. Spoonfuls of Vinegar are highly acidic, and high-acid chemicals can reduce marble’s shine. Instead, it will cause damage instead of cleaning. 
  • Do not make use of some Liquid chemicals like acetone. They should be strictly avoided. They remove all the finish of the marbles. Similarly, nail paint removers also comprise acetone. Thus it should not be used. 
  • Stiff or rigid cloths, brushes, or sponges should not be used. Rubbing harsh products on cultured marbles can cause scratches and will make them duller.
  • More chemicals like ammonia, comet, and other cleaners used for microwaves, stoves, or ovens should also be avoided. Do not use any such cleansers for cleaning the cultured marbles.


Cultured marbles are a very famous type of marble commonly used by people. They do differ from natural marbles, but due to their few properties, they do get preferred to use. One issue that comes with them is they turn yellow and have to be cleaned more often, but now that you know how to clean cultured marble that has yellowed, this won’t be a problem anymore. The different ways discussed above can be followed to clean the cultured marble. While following the cleaning measures, remember the tips that should not be considered to clean cultured marbles. Be sure of your methods and change these marbles into fresh and new cultured marbles


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