Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

Ever felt that something was missing from your home? A piece of furniture that would amp up your place, give it life and color? Well, a Mid century modern bookshelf might be for you. These bookshelves, dated back to the mid-20th century, can make your home look simple yet aesthetic. 

In this article, we have ranked the top 10 mid-century modern-style bookshelves within your desired budget.

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Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Bookcases $1000 Budget:

1- Crosley Furniture Landon Acorn Etagere Set (3-Piece)

Cost: $1,040

Buy link: (overstock.com/Home-Garden/Landon-3Pc-Etagere-Set-Acorn-Large-Etagere-2-Small-Etageres/29406680/product.html)

This Bookcase has a mid-century modern design with authentic metal hardware; it includes nine open shelves and three file cabinet drawers with rails giving you a copious amount of space. Full-extension ball-bearing drawer glides make the drawers easily accessible. 

This budget-friendly Bookshelf has a modular design that allows multiple units to combine for more storage and pairs exceptionally well with modern and rustic decor.


2- Aurelle Home Mid-Century Modern Rounded Bookshelf – Walnut

Cost: $1,270

Buy link: (overstock.com/Home-Garden/Aurelle-Home-Eddie-Rustic-Vintage-Storage-Bookcase/11371180/product.html)

The Aurella Home mid century modern bookshelf is perfect if a natural look is what you prefer. This shelf is cast from walnut wood, and the natural grain and knots in the wood give the Bookcase a distinctive look.

This is a bookshelf where besides your book collection, you can also showcase your collectibles. The Bookcase has gated paneling on the sides and back, and the steel legs offer a slightly complex appearance.


3- Mid Century 2 Door Acorn Hutch

Cost: $1,599

Buy link: westelm.com/products/mid-century-open-wide-hutch-with-2-drawer-console-h9075

This Bookcase has an antique touch to it, and getting such an antique piece at the price of $1599 is a steal. It also has varying storage options like choosing from 2-door or 2-drawer.

This authentic antique Bookcase contains three shelves. It is made of durable and sustainably sourced wood and acorn brown.


4- Mid Century Style Walnut and Gold Low Shelf

Cost: $1,090

Buy link: t.ly/27Lp

Getting this mid-century-style walnut and low gold shelf at such a stellar price can be an excellent addition to your home. Its presence can automatically alter the environment of any room.

The walnut and gold design mesmerizes anyone who looks at it. This Bookcase has a subtle yet impacting design and has thirty inches in height and forty-inch width.


5- Walnut Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Cost: $1,800

Buy link: etsy.com/listing/1182931038/zuma-modern-walnut-open-bookcase-high

This elegant walnut bookcase has shelves that can be adjusted or fixed according to your liking. Considering the attention paid to details, getting this at $1800 is a fantastic deal. 

It has a push-to-open mechanism, and you can also ask your seller to add legs or an extra shelf inside.

Modern Bookshelf under the Budget of $1000

Here we are also listing some of the bookcases that are under the budget of $1000. These stellar pieces may have lesser prices, but their look is intact.

1- Furniture Pipeline Nashville Industrial Mid Century Etagere Bookcase

Cost: $553

Buy: overstock.com/Home-Garden/Furniture-Pipeline-Nashville-Industrial-Mid-Century-11-Shelf-Etagere-Bookcase/20442452/product.html

The Nashville bookcase is not only lightweight but also space-saving. It’ll be a great addition to your workspace or house.

This Bookcase contains seven shelves and four floating ones. It can be used not only to store books but also for decoration pieces and potted plants.


2- Ceolia 35” Wide Display Stand

Cost: $560

Buy: Wayfair

This piece is perfect for a space shortage in your home, as it provides extra room and is at a great price too. 

It is ideal for storing books or displaying photographs and vases. The variety of different colors gives it a distinct yet subtle look.


 3- Aether 74” H x 31.1” W Solid Wood Ladder Bookcase

Cost: $370

Buy: Wayfair

If open cases are what you are looking for, then Aether solid wood ladder bookcase might be for you. The openness of the shelves prevents the room from looking too congested; in addition, the shelves are white. 

Besides books, plants and other decorative pieces could also be displayed to give your home an aesthetic look.


4- Dakota 31.5” Standard Bookcase

Cost: $970

Buy: All Modern

We recommend buying Dakota Standard Bookcase if you want a bookcase that screams mid-century. This Bookcase has a unique organic that separates it from similar products. Its grainy looks complement the classic line very nicely. 

Besides, this Bookcase has black finished iron legs with gold foot caps. So, buy this bookcase to display your books and precious collectibles. 

5- Safavieh Marina Retro Mid-Century Wood Etagere

Cost: $270

Buy: Overstock

Create a luxurious statement for under $300 by buying Safavieh Mariana Wood Etagere for your home. The designers of this piece did an excellent job at creating an object that will not drain your pockets and still be luxurious. 

The Bookcase’s smooth oak finish and black sputnik legs of iron complement your home well. It also includes an anti-tip kit for hanging the shelf on the wall.


Adding mid-century modern shelves can completely transfer the whole look of your room. A good bookcase can make the whole room come together, and you can use these pieces to display your precious books and collectibles. 

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If you are on a budget and seeking stylish yet simple bookcases, use this article as a guide to fulfilling your ambition to acquire a stunning, aesthetic bookshelf.


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