Consider These River Rock Shower Floor Problems

If you enjoy doing home interiors and like to design every corner of your house in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, then this is for you. You must be fond of ideas for your room decors, kitchen interiors, and vanity walls but what about your bathroom design? Well, here is something you will get introduced to for planning your bathroom interiors. River rock shower floors, also known as pebble shower floors, are becoming very popular daily. Due to their ability to withstand, they are most liked. You can enhance your flooring with these elegant river rock floors. 

Some people also claim that river rock shower problems worry them the most. However, people do manage well with the issues caused because these river rock tiles are most affordable and delicate enough to make a difference. 


As much as the river rock shower tiles are favored, they also contain some problems that the customers would like to avoid. Some of the river rock shower floor problems include:

  • They last for a shorter period

The river rock shower floors last a short time compared to other flooring tiles. Their cement and sealing are easily lost due to frequent cleaning and everyday use. So for more prolonged use, there are better options than this. 

  • Unbalanced Surface

One of the significant pebble tile shower problems incorporates the unbalanced surface. The pebble tiles come in different varieties, but no matter what size you opt for, the rock flooring needs to hold a better grip. Due to this, it only allows water to pass slowly. Sometimes, the gaps between the rocks also cause minor damage, so make sure you make a good deal with your seller.

  • Requires high maintenance

The heavy grouts inserted between the tiles make it a little tricky to maintain. More cleaning of the tiles can result in high maintenance costs. As they are easily exposed to water, they can also get molded quickly. You have to be very careful while cleaning the river rock floor tiles. 

  • Difficult to Install

The pebble tiles require lots of cement and grout to install those tiles. The adhesive used to fill spaces between standard tiles is way lesser, but you will have to use much grout to fill holes between small pebbles. For this, you have to properly maintain the tiles once done with the installation and take good care of the tiles to avoid any issues leading to the structure of tiles again. 


Here is how you can install the river rock shower floor. You should follow these steps to install the tiles properly.

  1. First, ensure that the surface you have to install tiles should be adequately cleaned, fixed, and crack-free to avoid any drainage issues later. 
  2. Then make a mixture of cement and water and place it very finely on the floor.
  3. The most crucial step is to apply a thin set. It is an essential thing required to install river rock tiles. Place the thin-set on the tiles calmly, which is used to hold the tiles.
  4. After this, place the river rock tiles smoothly on the top of the thin set applied. 
  5. You then have to apply grout between your tiles and wait for them to dry completely. 
  6. Now, if your tiles are correctly sealed, then you can apply any thinner to give shine to your tiles. 


The river rock shower floor tile makes your bathroom look no less than some Pinterest board, and there are no lies, but that is a fact. Along with its outstanding design, look at its benefits.

  • These pebble tiles are very affordable. All of the essentials it requires to install are not highly expensive. 
  • These tiles come in a considerable variety containing different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can choose what suits best with your interior. 
  • Due to their rocky texture, these tiles don’t turn slippery, which is a significant advantage.
  • Customers often ask questions about how to clean river rock showers and whether it is challenging to clean them. So for your relaxation, note that cleaning these tiles is not so hard. Use a liquid cleaner and scrub around the tiles to remove any dirt, dry the tile after every use, and carry out the cleaning process every two months at least. You can also mix a small amount of vinegar with water and scrub your tiles for more effective cleaning.


The river rock shower floor tiles make the flooring so beautiful and elegant. People commonly face specific river rock shower floor problems, but the issues can be resolved quickly if handled with care. It would be best if you took recommendations for best-selling pebble tiles and then purchased them accordingly. Focus on maintaining them, and you will design a lovely bathroom with the river rock shower floor tiles. 


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