Half Wall Ideas Between Kitchen And Living Room

Half walls are not something that we can say should be specific in our house construction. Everyone has their own preference regarding half walls based on the purpose and dimensions. Half walls are not only significant as to give a modernized look to your home but they provide you access to the two most important areas of the house. You will find a lot of areas in the house that you use more than the rest. The kitchen and living room are hands down the most useful areas. Once you’re out of your room, the first place you mostly visit is the kitchen or your living area. it is an amazing idea to connect with the space giving a bigger spacious look to the house.

Everyone has a different point of view regarding the separation of these two areas. Based on personal preference, half walls are planned. If you are planning to get this renovation in your house then you must be looking for the best half-wall ideas. If I speak honestly, you will get a lot of ideas on the Internet but with our article, we will give a complete guide to cost-effective efficient half-wall ideas that will link up your living room and kitchen. Without further delays let’s dig into the topic

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The Best Half Wall Ideas Between Kitchen And Living Room

  • An Island Counter 

It is the most elegant, budget-friendly, and fastest way to build a connection between the kitchen and living room by installing an island counter. It not only creates a separation of both areas but you can also build a small bar or coffee Set up on it to enjoy some peaceful quality time.

  • Frosted Glass Walls 

When you are a natural sunlight admirer then you definitely would not want to lose it. The frosted glass wall is your absolute solution that can separate your living room and kitchen without any hindrance to natural light.

If you do not have some specific requirements for building, a separation between the living area and kitchen you can also plan a DIY solution. You can buy the material and place it as a wall between the kitchen and living room along with the decorations.

  • Furniture Items 

It is the easiest and effortless option among the rest. All you have to do is place a piece of furniture to separate out both areas. It is absolutely your choice which piece of furniture you want to install, a living room sofa, table, small cupboard, or table lamp. 

The back of the furniture should be towards the kitchen. The piece of furniture should not be so huge that it blocks all the light and natural ventilation. The furniture should have an amazing finish from both sides enhancing the overall look of your living room and kitchen.

  • Brick And Mortar Columns 

It is a traditional method of creating a separation line between the living area and kitchen space. Although it still works wonders for those who have a spacious house. A brick-and-mortar column is installed between both areas that do not interfere with natural light and ventilation flow.

If you have a small house then you should not consider this option because the brick and mortar column will not give an attractive look in a small apartment. However, one solution for it is you can get a customized thin column so they occupy less space.

  • Other Permanent Options

If you are loving the idea of a half wall between the kitchen and living room then you must have a look at the permanent solution for it. The permanent solutions help in providing strength to the wall and your house structure becomes more strong. Following are the two best ways through which you can permanently install a half wall between the living room and kitchen.

  • Install a room divider of any material with a wall-to-wall extension. With the help of the sliding door, you can close and open it. Depending on your choice it can be partially closed or completely open to provide you with the environment you like.
  • If you desire a spacious feeling around your living area then you can install a low ledge with full or short fillers.

Your mind should be clear about the thought of installing one of these half-wall ideas because these are not easy procedures. For these ideas, you will require several hours to days along with a good amount of money to buy products and labor. If you are sure regarding it only then you should move ahead.

Final thoughts

We hope that You have got the best half wall ideas between kitchen and living room for your house. We will recommend you get a DIY solution for this work. You can build a half wall between the kitchen and living room. However, if you desire a more furnished look then you can hire professional help.


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