How To Identify Vintage Wicker Furniture

You find a gorgeous set of vintage wicker furniture that is obviously a bit costly and you fall in love with it. It is most probably that you might be confused regarding the genuine quality of that furniture. Before buying any product it is essential to identify its quality. Similarly, you must find an answer on the Internet about how to find genuine vintage wicker furniture so you make a good buy.

For centuries, this type of furniture has been ruling the home decor industry. Firstly, it originated in Middle Eastern countries and Egypt but during the Victorian Era, it became immensely popular. The best part about this type of furniture is that even today people love to buy it. Before we move towards the point that will help you in finding out the authenticity of vintage furniture let us give you a brief introduction about vintage wicker furniture.

What Is Vintage Wicker Furniture

There is a misconception that wicker is made up of a material known as wicker. However, it is actually a method of making furniture known as weaving style. It is one of the oldest methods of making furniture and for about 5000 years people have been making furniture with this method. There is a variety of materials which are used in making furniture.

Material Used in Making Vintage Wicker Furniture

Following are some of the main constituents of vintage wicker furniture


Rattan is the main constituent of vintage wicker furniture and it has been used for 1000s of years. The rattan plant resembles grapevine and it is found abundantly in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Paper fibre

Paper fiber is most commonly prepared by man-made methods and it is used as an alternative constituent.


Commonly people are confused about differentiating between Rattan and bamboo plants because of their structural similarity. The main difference between both is that the bamboo plant is Hollow while the Rattan plant does not have a hollow core. This is also the reason that rattan plants are a good option for making furniture because bamboo is easily Breakable.

Lloyd loom Wicker

Rattan plant is only available in a few countries so this method was also man-made to overcome the demand and supply issues for vintage wicker furniture. Man-made furniture fabric is not the exactly same quality as Rattan plant but to some extent, it gives a similar look and quality to the furniture.

Advantages Of Wicker Furniture

  • Provides Aesthetic Look 

Wicker furniture is most popular for its natural look and unique designs. No matter what is the theme of your house it can improve the interior design. Not just in the house but this furniture also compliments the Garden and backyard.

  • Lightweight 

The rattan plant is the main constituent of wicker furniture that is itself lightweight. Although this furniture is lightweight and you can move it easily at the same time it offers sturdy and stable quality.

  • Easy To Clean

In my opinion, the best part about this furniture is it’s easy cleaning. You will only need a feather broom to clean the furniture while for the cushions you can use the washer.

  •  Flexibility And Durability

Wicker furniture is available in a variety of designs and colors giving you a lot of options to select from. At the same time, it is long-lasting, and if taken good care it last for years..

  •  Safety

Because of its smooth finishing, lightweight material, and organic composition, it is a safe option for children.

How to Identify Vintage Wicker Furniture

Following are some of the points through which you can identify genuine vintage wicker furniture

  • Weight

The actual wicker furniture is quite heavy in weight and gives an antique look.

  •  Design And Texture 

The design of the vintage wicker furniture that was made in the late 1800s and early 1900s was traditional. Due to the presence of rattan plants, the quality of the furniture is high and has a smooth texture.

  • Label 

You can also check the labels of the brands that offer the best quality wicker furniture.

  • Hardwood 

If you closely inspect the furniture you may notice hardwood presence in it.

  • Craftsmanship

The authenticity of the plant furniture can be just by its design and quality craftsmanship.

Final thought

Hopefully, now you know how to identify vintage wicker furniture. It is not as hard as it seems all you have to do is increase your antique furniture information before buying it. With all the points mentioned above, you can get genuine and reasonable price vintage wicker furniture.


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