What does Conditionally Approved mean when applying for an apartment

Finding an apartment is always tricky, but it becomes even more challenging when the phrase “Conditionally approved” is mentioned anywhere near the procedure. And when one is unsure of what it implies, confusion may arise. There is no need to worry, though, as we have clarified all the specifics in the following article, clearing up any ambiguities you may have. We have solutions to all those mysteries, from what it means to why it matters. 

So without further ado, let’s start with comprehending the fundamentals before going on to the essential components.

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What does “Conditionally Approved” mean?

One must be aware of two approval forms when applying for a house loan: conditional and unconditional. Before being granted access to the property, applicants who have been conditionally accepted must fulfill a variety of requirements, the majority of which include achieving a specified set of prerequisites such as earnings or credit score figures. Being approved for an apartment is similar to being approved for a loan since you have to demonstrate that you can make your payments on time every month and that you are not a credit risk.

What happens when you get Conditionally Approved?

After getting Conditional Approval, the loan coordinator contacts you to brief you further on the conditional approval and prerequisites that need to be met, for which you might need to provide specific data. The data could provide extra paperwork or personal or financial information verification. Once those conditions are received, the loan contractor sends the file back for final assessment to the underwriter.

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One thing to bear in mind is to thoroughly comprehend what is required of you because failing to do so could result in the rejection of your application. Having stated that, some of these document requests may include past due accounts, job documentation, and duplicates of your bank statements. Additionally, references from prior tenants or employers may be required by landlords. Before you sign the lease agreement, you might also need to pay an application fee and a security deposit.

By promptly and accurately providing the documents requested by the landlord, you make an impression of someone who takes their requirement seriously. If all goes well for you and you don’t meet any further complications after being given conditionally approved status, moving to your new home might happen sooner than you think.

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How long is the process of getting Conditionally Approved?

The application goes through 4 major milestones to get approved: appraisal, underwriting, conditional approval, and the final step. The assessment takes around 1-2 weeks; underwriting takes about 1-3 days for initial review. Further underwriting review and condition takes approximately 1-2 weeks. And lastly, closing disclosure must be acknowledged within the time limit of 3 days.

Ways to get approved easily

During apartment hunting, it is pivotal to make a good first impression whilst meeting potential landlords. Preparing beforehand for all the possible questions that may arise is always a great idea. The things to keep in mind are: the landlords might have run a background check on you to see your renting history, and they also could have checked your credit which might lead to a hard credit inquiry on your credit report, besides that they could also request your criminal background check.

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Moreover, to boost your chances of getting that perfect apartment that you have always dreamt of, it’s crucial to take the time and put in all possible efforts. Listing down references will help your landlord figure out what kind of tenant they will be getting and help you get that conditionally approved status quicker than you expect.


Undoubtedly, one may feel stressed because of the challenges of applying for an apartment. It is normal to be anxious. So firstly, whoever is even thinking of starting an apartment hunt, the most important thing is to accept that such feelings and challenges are expected. However, the above article covers every question an individual may have. So, there is no need to panic. Read the details mentioned above, follow the given suggestions, and you will be good to go. Most importantly, there will be no more confusion when you see the term “Conditionally Approved” mentioned anywhere.

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