Different Metal Carport Styles: Which One Matches Your Home?

Looking to buy a new metal carport for your vehicle? Metal carport comes in various styles. So, which one should you choose? You can choose between various roofing options. You can decide whether to get side cover panels or not.

Recently, the carport market has seen a rise in 2023. It is expected that it will continue to grow in the future as well. Below, we have a breakdown of some points for you to guide you to your dream steel carport. Let’s take that bull by its horns. We will start with the style first.

What are the various carport styles? And which one should you choose?

Vertical roof carport

  • Here, ridges run perpendicular or in an upright position to the ground. It is an A-frame design.
  • By the force of gravity, all debris can slide off and fall to the ground. That takes away one chore from your regular routine.
  • These are the most recommended options for locations with extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. All water & snow will slide off quickly. This will prevent any moisture build-up.
  • It is an expensive option, though & requires construction workers for installation.  
  • They match the aesthetics of a traditional house in a perfect sense.

Horizontal or Boxed-eave roof carport

  • Ridges run parallel to the ground. It is also an A-frame design.
  • Water or snow may get clogged since ridges act as a barrier, hindering their smooth flow towards the ground. So, you may have to clean up & inspect regularly for any accumulation of debris.
  • It is generally recommended for moderate climate conditions.
  • These are the second best option & are affordable compared to vertical roofing. You do not need a ridge cap here.
  • They have traditional & classic roof lines & appear quite aesthetic.

Regular roof carport 

  • The roof looks similar to the barn style, with curved edges. Since panels are horizontal, they may collect dust & debris. If left unchecked, they may aid the development of rust on the metal panel.
  • These are more affordable than vertical or horizontal roofing.
  • Its look fits best for agricultural buildings.

Flat roof carport

  • As the name suggests, there is a bare minimum elevation on the roof.
  • Debris will collect on the roof. So, you have to clean it up every now & then. If not removed, they will spoil the metal paint and may cause rusting on roof panels.
  • They are simple & easy to install. You can even DIY a regular roof carport.
  • These are the cheapest options in the market.

Metal side panels

You can add side panels to your carport for a bit of closure. It can be partially or fully covered, depending on the design you prefer.

Note: According to International Building codes, a carport must be opened from at least two sides. Otherwise, it will be considered a garage. Also, you may or may not need a building permit before getting a carport on your property. It depends upon your local jurisdiction.

Which carport matches your home?

The answer, unfortunately, isn’t straightforward, but we will get to it. Considering these factors before choosing a metal carport for your home would be best.

Local building codes

Sometimes, local building codes may guide you in choosing a particular roofing for your carport. You see, the job of these rules imposed on construction is to ensure the safety of you, your family & neighborhood.


For harsh and unforgivable climates, a vertical roof is the best choice. You may need to buy an excellent quality steel gauge while choosing your metal post.


To stay on budget, talk to your dealer to get the best option without compromising the quality. Do not forget to compare the prices from different manufacturers before buying. You can even look for sales around the holiday season. Many dealer offers RTO (Rent to Own) as an option.


Ensure that your carport size is large enough to accommodate your vehicles & storage stuff, if any. Your steel carport is multi-functional. If you want to use your metal carport as a chicken coop or pet shelter, ensure they are correctly sized.


Steel is one of the most popular choices among carport builders. It is so because of its strength & robustness & durability. Galvanized steel prevents rusting and is long-lasting.


You can have add-ons for your vertical roof carport, such as skylights, roof insulators, or reflective paint on the roof.


Prefer buying a metal carport roof with a manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty also reflects the confidence of the dealer in its product. Remember to read previous client’s reviews before buying.

Fact: Steel is often called “Enviro-metal” because it can be recycled without losing strength. Additionally, over 95% of the water used in the steel-making process is recycled.

Summing up metal carport roofs:

Choose a dealer that offers free installation. Make sure your metal dealer has enough experience in constructing & installing metal roof carport. You can also ask for various color options from your builder.

It would be helpful if you make a list before installing your regular or vertical roof carport. The list must include:

  • Building codes & permit
  • your budget
  • site preparation & inspections
  • foundations requirement
  • cost of raw material
  • delivery date
  • warranty (if any)
  • any add-ons like skylight or color
  • quotes from various dealers

Creating a list is a great way to begin building your own carport in a positive direction.


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