Is Granitium Non stick Coating Safe?

Health must be a Priority for all. What we eat makes our body but the cookware and serving utensils also matter a lot. Most of the food is cooked at high temperatures so using a healthy cookware option is much important.

Recently grantium cookware caught the attention of those who love to spend quality time in the kitchen. Granitium cookware is popular due to its unique composition, durability, and excellent nonstick properties. Granitium is a brand name for Teflon/ PTEE. Misleading marketing tactics can fool people who want to buy genuinely good products therefore, before buying any cookware people have a lot of concerns regarding material, quality, durability, and safety.

If you are wondering is granitium cookware safe? then you are at the right place because in this article we will discuss each and every question regarding granitium non-stick coating cookware.

Composition of Granitium Non-stick Cookware

Although the exact composition of granitium nonstick cookware is not disclosed by its manufacturers. Hence there are many of misleading information that circulates regarding the cookware composition. However, one thing is for sure the cookware consists of polytetrafluorethylene teflon material in it. It also consists of some particles of Aluminium oxide as well.

Some people do not prefer cookware that consists of Teflon in it but still, they are using granitium non-stick coating cookware. The major reason maybe they are not aware of the presence of Teflon in the coating. Granitium is a lightweight and heat-resistant material and does not contain any toxic harmful chemical residues in it. It is a PFOA-free cookware that makes it a healthy option compared to others.

Other than Teflon it also consists of some quantity of ceramic in it that gives a rigid and hard texture to the cookware. Many people recognize granitium cookware as granite cookware. The Rough texture due to the presence of ceramic helps the cookware from wear and tear. This cookware should be your absolute choice if you want a long-lasting nonstick cookware.

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Is granitium non-stick coating safe?

As granitium is a brand name for Teflon PTEE therefore, to understand the safety of granitium coating software we will need to understand the safety of teflon.

PTEE cookware is a safe option for you and does not cause any harm to the body. If you are cooking at a low temperature on this type of cookware it has zero harmful reaction for humans. The melting point of this material is around 600 Fahrenheit. If PTEE is heated above 400 Fahrenheit it becomes unstable and can even breakdown. At the same temperature, it makes smoke and fumes that are harmful to the lungs. Extremely harmful for pets such as Birds.

If you want to use granthium cookware safely then you should avoid cooking food at a very high temperature. High temperature is a major cause of the destruction of nonstick pans. Excessive heat destroys the outer coating of a nonstick pan and is also harmful to human health. Therefore, if you want safe use of cookware, you should be cooking food on moderate heat.

Benefits of Granitium cookware

  • Nonstick Properties

Nonstick properties are the major qualities that everyone looks for in cookware. No one wants to spend their time scratching the food particles from their cookware. Due to ceramic coating, this cookware becomes non stick and easy to use.

  • Durability

Cookware is something you use every day so durability is a major factor. Granitium cookware lasts for years and is incredibly durable.

  • Resisting To Wear And Tear

The most common problem with nonstick cookware is that you will get scratches and dents on them after a while. However, this is rare with granitium cookware because it consists of Titanium which makes it highly resistant to scratches.

  • Even heat distribution

It consists of an aluminum core that helps in even distribution throughout the pot. You will not encounter specific hotspots and uneven heat distribution with this cookware.

  • No Harmful Chemicals

If cookware consists of harmful chemicals it can lead to health issues for the long term. Granitium cookware Is free from PFOA and PFTE making it a safe and healthy option.

  • Versatile

They are available in a wide variety of cooking pot designs and colors. You can use them in oven induction, electric stove, and gas stove as well.

  • Lightweight Easy To Carry

Although these cookware consist of different types of metals still it is a lightweight option as compared to many.

  • Easy cleaning

Since it is nonstick food does not get stuck to it making cleaning easier.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have got the answer to is granitium nonstick coating safe. If we talk about any type of cookware there is no 100% safety in it. The proper use of the cookware is the key to a healthy environment. Granitium cookware is absolutely safe if you are cooking at low to medium temperatures. However, if you exceed 400 Fahrenheit it can destroy the cookware and cause harmful effects on your health.


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