The Best Types of Full Size Bed Frame With Storage

Home interior is one thing for which everyone has a specific taste. There are many options available. People Desire to select the perfect choice when it comes to home furniture. Home furniture these days have a wide variety of choices, design, colors, and material. Whether you want aesthetic furniture, colorful funky furniture, or furniture that provides the best functionality, you will get all the options.

Most of us do not live in luxurious mansions, so it is crucial to consider storage and functionality while buying furniture. Bed frame with storage is trending. One reason for its popularity is its stylish look, while another is you can hide a lot of stuff. A king-size bed for a small room consumes most of the room area, so a storage unit seems an excellent idea. If you are planning to buy a new bed with storage, stick with us because, in this article, we will discuss Everything about bed frames with storage.

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What Are Bed Frames With Storage 

These types of bed frames are connected with shelves and drawers and support the mattress. The railing is fixed with screws and provides firm support to the mattress. The basic function of the frame is to provide a specific height to the matrix and protect it from moles and insects. 

Bed frames with storage are beds in which you can store different things. They are available in a variety of styles and designs. The storage space depends on the overall shape and size of the bed frame. Some bed frames have hidden storage while others have shelves and drawers.

Different Types Of Full-Size Bed Frames With Storage

Following are a few types of bed frames with storage.

  • Bed Frames With Drawers 

It is the most common type of bed frame with storage. These bed frames are commonly available on all brands and local markets. It gives you the choice to select according to your convenience. Some bed frames have a single drawer on the side and front of the bed. Other bed frames have many drawers on all the corners of the bed.

You get a lot of storage with all the drawers in such beds. You can make separate compartments of different things in each drawer. You can also get a customized bed frame with your desired amount of drawers.

Commonly, people store their clothes and accessories in the bed frame drawers. Your bedroom will be compact, and easier for you to clean and organize. Different brands, including IKEA, have beautiful aesthetic bed frames with drawers available in their collection.

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  • Bed Frame With Shelf 

These Bed Frames have installed shelves, on the headboard, footboard, corners, or side table. Selves on bed frames are not a hidden storage idea, things you will place on them are visible. It makes it difficult for you to organize things on the shelf and give a beautiful ambiance, at the same time.

Most bed frames with shelves are only for decoration because you cannot store stuff on them. The only option left for you will be to decorate with some decoration items. 

Still, You can place books, laptops, and other gadgets on the shelves. Women can place their accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics as well on the shelf. You can even organize things from your closet that can look elegant and stylish. These types of bed frames consume more space and if you want a small bed you can get a customised one.

  • Bed Frames With Hidden Storage

In our opinion, it is the best type of storage you can get because no one can ever guess what you have under your bed. Hidden stories are often available under the mattress of a bed. You have to pull the mattress and bed framework to reach the storage.

All the stuff in your house that is not in your immediate use, you can hide it under your bed. Currently, if it’s summer, you can store your winter clothes under your bed. You can also store the kitchen utensils you do not use. Jewellery, clothes, jackets, shoes, comforters, and anything that you feel you won’t use in a few months stored under your bed, and no one will see it.

This type of bed frame with storage is available on different furniture outlets. You can also customize these bed frames. Let’s talk about the only drawback of this type of bed frame storage, the mattress and framework are quite heavy to lift. Old people and those who do not have enough muscle strength cannot open or close this type of storage because of weight. Sometimes it requires two persons to lift it. Hence, regularly, you cannot use this type of bed storage.

Final thoughts

We hope that the above-mentioned full size bed frame with storage ideas will help you in selecting the bed frame for your bedroom. In our opinion, bedframes with storage are a must-have for those who have small houses or apartments. You can also get price ideas regarding bed frames with storage on Amazon and websites of furniture brands such as IKEA. 


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