What Is Ice Plus On LG Fridge? A Useful Overview Of LG Fridge

If you have an LG refrigerator or planning to buy one, you must be wondering what is Ice Plus LG fridge and how to use Ice Plus on an LG refrigerator. Electronic brands introducing new models with advanced features open doors to queries for people. Electronic appliances are sensitive and should be used appropriately to avoid dysfunction.

Ice plus LG refrigerator was introduced in March 2017. This refrigerator has an elegant appearance and provides advanced features for making ice cubes with filter water. When planning a party or friends get-together, you do not need to worry about placing ice cube trays in the refrigerator. With this refrigerator, you can get as many ice cubes as wish. Another luxurious feature of this refrigerator is that it provides crystal clear ice cubes that give an amazing presentation to the drinks.

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You can also accelerate ice cube production by making appropriate settings in the refrigerator. It is an excellent appliance for storing food for longer periods, such as meat and dairy because it gives extensive cool temperatures.

If you are using an LG Ice Plus refrigerator or thinking of buying one, go through our article. We will provide you with detailed information about the LG refrigerator, so you can enjoy all the features.

What Is Ice Plus On LG Fridge?

Every household is different, so their requirements. Some people need more ice but refrigerators cannot produce enough. We all have witnessed in gatherings that host run out of ice cubes. LG has tried to resolve this problem by introducing the Ice Plus feature refrigerator. With this feature, refrigerators can produce more ice in less time.

The refrigerator can produce ice cubes every 2 hours for 24 hours. Once it produces sufficient ice, it has an automatic setting to turn off the Ice Plus feature. When the 24-hour cycle ends, turn on the Ice Plus option for more ice. It is the best feature for those who like cold drinks and cold coffee. For those who host frequent gatherings and parties, this refrigerator is a blessing.

How To Use Ice Plus On LG Refrigerator

It is easy to use the Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators. All you have to do is press the Ice Plus button and it will start making ice cubes every 2 hours for 24 hours. Afterwards, it will automatically turn off and you can again start the Ice Plus option. However, if you desire continuous working of the Ice Plus feature, then you need to press the continuous Ice option for 3 seconds. Until you stop the Ice Plus feature, it will automatically turn on and off to provide you with ice continuously. In short, it is quite convenient to use LG Ice Plus refrigerators to produce more amount of ice in less period.

How Long Does It Take To Make Ice In A New LG Refrigerator

It only requires 2 hours for the LG Ice Plus refrigerator to fill the ice cube compartment. After it has prepared enough ice it automatically turns off till you restart. 

The amount of food you are storing in your freezer also affects the time required to make ice. If you store a lot of food in your freezer, it requires more time for preparing ice cubes. If you do not have much food stored in the freezer immediately Ice Plus will start working.

Advantages of LG Ice Plus Fridge

Following are some of the major advantages of the LG Ice Plus refrigerator

  • The Ice Plus not only produces ice but also maintains the cold temperature of the freezer. As a result, food will remain fresh and frozen.
  • Ice Plus helps in reducing freezer burn as it produces more ice. The ice plus feature keeps the food cold and prevents freezer burns.
  • It produces an excellent amount of ice. Whether you use a continuous ice production feature or the usual 24-hour cycle, you will always have a good amount of ice.
  • LG Ice Plus refrigerator is an energy-saving option, whether you use save mode or continuous eyes mode. In Ice Plus mode, the refrigerator produces ice for 24 hours, then turns off automatically, saving energy. While, continuous ice feature produces ice. It occasionally turns on and off automatically, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Ice Plus is a good option if you want an energy-saving or environment-friendly option. As it consumes less energy it helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and makes the climate a better place for everyone.

Disadvantages of LG Ice Plus Fridge

Below are some of the disadvantages of LG Ice Plus refrigerators.

  • If you do not prefer noisy environments, then LG fridge should not be your choice. Your fridge will work harder to produce more ice making more noise.
  • Although it has an automatic feature of turning off and on regularly, you still need to set the mode daily. After every 24 hours, you need to set Ice Plus mode to work automatically and occasionally use continuous ice mode.
  • The continuous ice mode requires more power to function resulting in higher consumption of energy. So, if you are using the continuous ice feature frequently then it will result in a higher energy bill.
  • Not all LG refrigerators need to have ice-plus features in them. If you desire to buy such a fridge then select the correct model.
  • As it is producing a high amount of ice ultimately it is taking up most of the storage area in the freezer. When ice cubes are stored in the freezer you will have less storage for food.
  • Increased ice production can also result in wear and tear on the refrigerator. Due to high features, the refrigerator will work with a more efficient load and cannot last longer than the usual refrigerators.

Bottom Line

We hope that our article will be helpful for you in explaining what is ice plus on LG fridge, how it works, advantages, and disadvantages of LG ice plus refrigerators. In our opinion, if you have more requirements for ice cubes and the usual refrigerator is not working sufficiently then you must get LG ice plus fridge. Before buying, go through all the features and specifications of the LG refrigerator models. Buy the refrigerator that fulfills your requirements.


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