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Kenmore Elite dishwasher is one of the best dishwashers available in the market. It provides customers with various useful features, such as lock mode. Lock mode is a safety feature that prevents accidental touch in between washing cycles. It is a blessing for those who have infants and toddlers. When you are not around the dishwasher, apply lock mode to prevent accidents.

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However, many people complain that some of the buttons in the control panel do not perform well. The locked mode gets stuck as you cannot unlock it. It becomes stressful when you lose control over an appliance. If you are having a problem handling the lock mode feature of Kenmore Elite dishwashers, then we are here to help you. In this article, we will provide you with effective tips to resolve your issues.

Steps To Unlock Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

Below are the basic steps through which you can unlock your dishwasher

  • Step # 1

First, you press the air dry or heated dry button till the lock button brightens. After making these changes in the control panel, you will notice the lock highlighted in the display.

  • Step # 2

When the machine is in lock mode, if you press any button, it will flash 4 times, although none of the buttons will work.

  • Step # 3

The 3rd step is the final step in which for 4 seconds, you will press the air dry or heated dry button. When you press, the light will turn off, unlocking your dishwasher control panel.

How To Find Out Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Locked

Now, the question is how you will find out that your Kenmore Elite dishwasher is locked and you are having trouble unlocking it. When the dishwasher is locked, press any button from the control panel it will lighten up four times. When the control panel buttons are flashing more than four times, it is stuck. Until, you fix it, you cannot see the button from lock mode.

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To fix your locked dishwasher, turn down the circuit breaker. You can also turn off the power switch, then turn it on after 5 minutes. This way, the machine will reset, and you can use it again. Still, if it is locked, press the heated dry button for 4 seconds till it gets unlocked.

Final Thought

We hope our article will help, resolve your query about how to unlock Kenmore Elite dishwasher. It is not as difficult as seems, press unlock buttons or switch off the power to reset the machine. If nothing work from the troubleshooting tips, replace the control panel of your dishwasher.


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