How To Tell If Swamp Cooler Motor Is Bad

A swamp cooler is an efficient and pocket-friendly machine that can help you keep the environment cool. The mechanism of swamp coolers depends on the evaporation of water that circulates in the air and lowers the overall temperature of the area. It can even decrease the temperature of a room up to 20 degrees. Due to its water evaporation and air circulation mechanism, it is a much cheaper option than an air conditioner.

Like any other machinery swamp cooler also requires routine maintenance and lack of timely maintenance can lead to cooler motor problems. Swamp coolers are not as complicated as air conditioners therefore swamp cooler motor troubleshooting has become an easy task. By looking at the few points of the machine you can predict due to which part the machine experience operational problem.

In this article, we will be discussing the common parts of a swamp cooler and how to detect a problem in swamp cooler.

How To Tell If Swamp Cooler Motor Is Bad

Following are some of the most common problems of a swamp cooler.

  • Swamp Cooler Respiratory Problems

One of the major problems of a swamp cooler is that it needs exhaust for its functioning. It requires efficient circulation and airflow. The room in which the duct of the swamp cooler is installed should offer enough exhaust. If you do not install enough exhaustion swamp cooler cannot work properly.

Another common problem with the respiratory mechanism of swamp coolers is issues with the pump. If it is not blowing cool air, you can check the pump breakers and thermostats of the machine.

  • Swamp Cooler Electrical Problems

There are two types of electrical problems that can impact the functioning of a Swamp cooler. The first one is when sufficient electricity is not provided to the machine. By any means, if enough amount of electricity is not provided the cooler will not work. The second most common electrical issue is the defaulted wires of a swamp cooler. When there is a problem with the wires, they cannot circulate electricity to the machine.

  • Swamp Cooler Does Not Blow Cold Air

If the swamp cooler is not evaporating or blowing cold air there may be a few reasons behind it. Firstly it has a mechanism of evaporation therefore it cannot perform its function in a highly humid area. If the room already has enough water vapors, the swamp cooler cannot evaporate water resulting in zero cooling.

Another reason why a swamp cooler does not give cool air, it requires fresh air to perform its mechanism. If it is present in a closed room it will not get the fresh air which later converts into cool air.

Swamp Cooler Motor Troubleshooting

Following are some of the ways by which you can check and fix problems related to your swamp cooler.

  • Fix Thermostat

Cooler works with similar functioning as air conditioners because it consists of thermostat. Thermostats are responsible for regulating the temperature of a room. If a thermostat is not functioning properly then it cannot maintain the temperature of the room. You can replace the thermostat of your Swamp cooler or if you cannot do it yourself seek professional help for this task.

  •  Fix Wiring

If the thermostat is not the culprit for creating a problem then maybe an issue is with the wiring. The wires that connect the swamp cooler to the breaker should be in good condition. If you notice changes in color such as black, inflexible, or stiff wires then you should replace them with new ones.

  •  Check Electricity

Most commonly swamp coolers do not perform well because of their blowing fuse. You can fix the problem by checking the breaker. When you reset the breaker you can fix the issue however if the problem seems bigger then you will need to replace the wiring with the help of a professional.

  • Fix Fan and Belt Motor

Many people have complained that the swamp cooler fan not working and the most common reason for this is the tearing of the belt that connects the motor and the fan. If the belt is broken you will hear the motor running but the fan will not run and the cooler will not throw cool air.

Once you confirm the problem in the belt you can replace it with a new one. Another reason for the disfunctionality of the fan is a problem with the motor. If you notice that within a few minutes motor of the swamp cooler is becoming hot then you should replace it with a new motor.

  • Check The Voltage Of The Swamp Cooler

With the help of a voltmeter, you can check the voltage supply of a swamp cooler. If the voltage supply is not balanced then you can use a voltage stabilizer to fix this problem.

Final thoughts

We hope that with our article you may have got the answer to concerns regarding how to tell if a swamp motor is bad. If the cooler is not blowing cool air then the reason may be one of the above-mentioned problems.

We have also provided details measures through which you can detect the problem and fix it easily. However, for safety precautions, we recommend that if you are confident about your expertise in fixing the problems of your Swamp cooler only then you should solve the issues by yourself. Otherwise, it is better that you get professional help for checking and fixing your swamp cooler.


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