How to Remove Bathtub Drain Plug

Do you ever find yourself staring at your bathtub, perplexed and determined to figure out how to get rid of that obstinate drain plug? Fear not, for we have answers to what you are looking for. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or simply want to unclog the drain, we’ve got your back. In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal the secrets of removing a bathtub drain plug, providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to complete this seemingly difficult task. So let’s dive right into the secrets of removing a bathtub drain plug.

How to remove shower drain stopper: 

If you are a DIYer wondering how to remove bathtub drain plug, we have news for you. This will be an easy task for you. The utmost important step is determining what type of drain stopper is in the tub. The only step you might find difficult is stomaching the removal of hairballs and other gunk that may be caught below the drain.

When to remove a bathtub drain:

Bathtub drains can be removed at any time the homeowner needs to deep clean the drain, replace it, or remove the bathtub entirely. Drain baskets tend to erode over time, which may prompt drain removal. Removing the drain may likewise be expected to remove clogs like hairballs and other gunk frequently trapped in these tight plumbing stops. Noticeable holes are a sign that it’s time for the bathtub drain to be removed and replaced.


Safety Precautions:

Removing the tub stopper sometimes requires a touch of real effort to unscrew and clean. Be patient as you twist the drain basket out of its place because the threads are typically long and can take a few minutes to remove completely. Be careful not to pinch your fingers when using a wrench or pliers. Masks and other additional safety measures may be required when working with older and dirtier drains and where mold may be present. Regardless, gloves will be desired by most individuals.

Tools needed:

  • Head screwdriver
  • Level head screwdriver
  • Locking pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Hex key
  • Putty knife


  • Sponge
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Rag


If you want answers on how to remove drain stopper from tub, then the following instructions will help.

1. Identify Drain Stopper:

Identifying the drain stopper is the first step to removing it from the drain basket. The main types of stoppers are Toe-Touch, push-pull, lift-and-turn, trip-lever, and screen.

2. Remove Drain Stopper:

Remove the drain according to their type.

  • Toe touch: hold the shaft cylinder and unscrew from the drain basket after opening the drain and keeping it open.
  • Push-pull: once the drain is open, lift the drain stopper by its knob, and to unscrew it, twist it counterclockwise.
  • Lift-and-turn: keeping the drain in an open position, unscrewing the knob. Once that is done, check to see if there is a set screw underneath. Once found, use a hex key to unscrew the set screw.
  • Trip-Level: open the drain, then unscrew the faceplate attached to the overflow drain using a screwdriver.
  • Screen: use a flathead screwdriver by sliding under the lip of the screen and popping it off gently.

3. Clean Hardware:

 Clean up the drain stopper that needs to be reinstalled using a rag, sponge, or all-purpose cleaner. Put the hardware aside and clean up dirt or gunk around the drain basket’s edge.

4. Remove Drain Basket:

Use small locking pliers with a strong needle tip to remove the drain basket. Cinch and lock the pliers onto the centre of the crossbar. To twist open the basket, turn in the opposite direction of the clock.

Utilizing a specialized drain wrench to remove the drain basket is yet another option. Drain wrenches assist with diminishing the possibility of breaking the channel crate while eliminating it since they are structure fitted to slide into the crossbars conveniently. To remove the basket, insert the drain wrench into the crossbars and rotate it counterclockwise.

Utilize a drain extractor if the drain basket does not have crossbars.

5. Clean Drain opening:

Plumber’s putty is frequently used to seal drains. Clean any leftover putty and some other buildup in or around the drain utilizing a putty knife and a rag.


We hope that the question of how to remove bathtub drain plug still doesn’t plague your mind and that the guide above was helpful. Removing a bathtub drain plug is a straightforward procedure that requires only a few simple steps. Just remember to be careful when handling sharp objects and gather the necessary tools, such as pliers or a screwdriver. With patience and the right method, you can quickly remove the bathtub drain plug and get your bathtub back in working order in no time.


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