How to Design a Wine Cellar: Commercial Space and Increase Sales?

Have you rented a portion of retail space for displaying your wine collections? Promoting your collection can be a big hassle, especially if you are competing with other brands operating within the retail space. But like others, your aim is also to improve the sales of your retail store. Will that be easy? The answer is no, if you fail to display your wine more creatively. 

Apart from the product promotion techniques, you can search for commercial wine cellars to encourage people to buy.  You can have separate compartments for storing high-priced bottles and stack the low-priced collections in different parts. What are the design aspects to consider for your commercial wine cellar? 

Here are a few tricks and tips to design your retail wine cellar to rev up sales.

  1. Think like The Customer

When researching commercial wine cellar design, you need to step into the customer’s shoes. Be it a retail space, or a restaurant, you need to envisage what the customer wants when searching for wine in a store. A majority of wine connoisseurs visiting your store would find a boring display bad indeed and would never feel tempted to buy. So, the first step would be to make the display catchy and impressive. Be it wine racks or cabinets, you have to make the display attractive and organized.

  1. Do Not Miss the Basic Elements

It’s true that you need to make the wine cellar more attractive but do not ignore the basic aspects of storage, wine in itself is sensitive to atmospheric changes. Therefore, you need to make the storage climate-controlled and make sure the humidity level is appropriate. While you store and display the wine in a commercial establishment, you need to contribute to the aging of the products. Be sure that the storage for the display does not ever turn too hot or humid. 

  1. Create a Racking System 

If you choose a racking system to display your wine in a retail space, a freestanding rack would be a good option to pick. The primary reason to choose a freestanding rack is that it is suitable for displaying a large collection of wine together. But it does not have to look like storage only, it needs to look versatile as well. 

You can go to the highest limit to make the wine display unit attractive but it should help your customers to understand what kind of wines you stock and their age. You can also display the bottles based on ageing as wine lovers often consider it as one of the most important parameters for buying. Overall, the racking needs to evoke positive feelings about your products. You can do your homework but to create the best display, you may contact Wine Cellars of Houston where experts will take charge of designing the racking system. They have a huge network of services across Houston, Texas, and offer services to various cities. 

  1. Think About Restocking the Bottles 

Even though the differences between commercial and residential wine cellars are not huge, the slightest differences are what you keep in mind. The major aspect you need to keep in mind when designing custom wine cabinets for commercial spaces need to be more accessible. Want to know why? The moment a customer purchases wine, you need to restock the bottles. The cabinet or the cellar you design needs to withstand the hassles of restocking.

  1. What Kinds Of Wines Do You Sell?

When it comes to selling wines, you need to decide what kind of wines you sell. For instance, you may focus on selling traditional or sparkling wines or display products that wine collectors would be interested to purchase. If you want to store different kinds of wines and need the display to be large, you need to get the measurements and follow a method for organizing the display. That way, you can address a varied target market. If you have been selling wines in various retail stores and have a large unit that needs to be restored, you can search for service providers offering wine cellar repair near me. 

  1. Secure Your Wine Collections

While you may design stunning wine cellars for attracting customers to buy, make sure you do what is needed to safeguard the collections. Therefore, a built-in cellar or a wine-racking system needs to be sturdy along with a catchy look. 

Are you all set to design your first commercial wine cellar? You can follow what is discussed here and consult with experts to construct a racking system to impact your sales significantly. 


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