Can You Smoke On The Balcony Of A Non Smoking Apartment

In recent years, many residential complexes and societies have adopted non-smoking policies in the apartment. It is causing issues for those people who smoke. Smokers are usually concerned while planning to move into an apartment where they can smoke. Nobody wants to violate the rules of a complex, but smoking is one such habit that people can not let go of easily.

Although smoking is not allowed in many apartments as they have fire and smoke detectors. However, many smokers have this question in their minds can you smoke on the balcony of a non-smoking apartment? So, here in this article, we are going to give you a complete answer.

Many apartments, complexes, and societies, have rules and regulations regarding smoking. To promote a clean and healthy environment they enforce non-smoking rules for the residents. However, the strictness of policies can vary. Some of the property managers and landlords allow smoking in a few premises such as balconies or smoking launch. However, many apartments even don’t allow the residents to smoke on the balcony.

Every apartment has a specific set of rules and regulations that are mentioned in the lease agreement, and accordingly, the residents have to maintain their living standards. While signing a lease document one should read it carefully to understand the policies regarding smoking, outdoor or in balconies. You can even communicate with the apartment management or your landlord to resolve any queries regarding the smoking area.

In some apartments, landlords allow smoking on balconies, and even they have designated smoking areas to prevent the rest of the environment. Hence, the tenants need to communicate regarding their concerns. Tenants should be aware of all the rules and regulations of society to maintain a good healthy environment. It is always better to clarify their concerns to avoid any conflicts or violations of rules.

Even if your landlord allows you to smoke on balconies, you should always be considerate of your neighbors. While you will extensively smoke on the balcony, it can cause health issues and discomfort to your non-smoking neighbors. For a clean and healthy environment, it is very important to consider the people with whom you share a living space. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have got the answer about whether can you smoke on the opening of a non-smoking apartment. It depends on the rules and regulations formulated by apartment management and landlords. Either you can read about the non-smoking policies on lease paper, or you can communicate with the specified authorities.

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